I spread the Neo-Decò style, elegant, poetic and eclectic

My formula? Something old, something new, something fresh. An old armchair, an Industrial patina, a little bananier …

My training took place in the administrative field several years ago. At a certain point in my life I decided to devote myself to what I love doing: drawing, painting, furnishing houses and creating fashion accessories.
Inaugurating a training course on decorative arts attending the Mimaster of Milan, the Artelier of Rome and the European Center for Heritage Trades of Thiene.
Years of intense preparation that led me to become that I am now. Even if a simple definition would be limiting, I would like to call myself an ‘interior painter’.
Many of my consultations to individuals and collaborations with major companies.
I paint wallpapers for Wallpepper in Milan. I create boat furniture decorations for Azimut and Benetti of Viareggio. I will collaborate with Blanc MariClò , an important italian Home Decor company. I write for CasaChic and Maison Chic magazine.
I teach decorative and painting techniques in my house-atelier “Villa Cremisi” near Parma and in Le Posterlon an ancient 17th century residence in the south of France.


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