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10 February 2019
workshop carta e inchiostro da Blanc Mariclò a Brera Mialno

Paper and ink 9 february 2019 – Workshop in Milano Brera for Blanc Mariclo’

30 October 2018

New Concept Store ‘Lacasadi Lalla’

From 27 October 2018 my collaboration began with a dear friend Ilaria Crusizio Obersnel in art ‘Lacasadi Lalla’ We have opened a new concept store, a […]
7 September 2018

Brocantes of Borgogna and of Cote d’or

Burgundy is known to be a land of wine and then when you go you will be conquered by its cellars and its many restaurants and […]
7 September 2018

Petit tour: Les Parisiennes

  Un’esperienza di viaggio condiviso a Parigi. Non un viaggio sulle tradizionali rotte turistiche. Piuttosto un viaggio alla scoperta di una Parigi inconsueta ed ‘esclusiva’. Il […]
29 August 2018

Brocante and Vide Grenier of Perche (lower Normandy)

I just came back from a trip to Perche, Lower Normandy and Burgundy. I wanted to discover new places as my travels in France have always […]
18 August 2018

Brocante o Vide Grenier? Do you know the difference?

The term brocante literally means ‘trade of antiques’. It is a term of French origin and today it is very used to indicate all objects and […]
2 July 2018

Antique patinas: wax finishes on furniture and walls

  In this post I will talk about the neutral and pigmented wax finishes. Neutral means colorless. Pigmented instead colored. The wax finish is highly protective […]
23 June 2018
patine antiche

The natural finishes on wood and plaster. Natural soaps

In my decoration courses on wood and plaster I mainly use natural elements. My courses are designed for those who want to approach the world of […]
20 June 2018

Materic patina on wood at Villa Cremisi – Italy

6 June 2018

Arts and Crafts and William Morris

The Arts and Crafts (English, Arts and Crafts), is an artistic movement founded by W. Morris particularly adhered to the architect C. R. Ashbee and the […]
6 June 2018

Italian Brocante… second part

We talked a few months ago of #Piazzola sul Brenta. Now I will list a series of small markets in Northern Italy, namely Lombardy and Emilia […]
21 May 2018

In skin and fabric dressed

Serge Marshennikov is a Russian painter, born in 1971 in Ufa (Bashkiria, USSR). His oil paintings on canvas depict girls in sensual poses, which never yield […]