Art is learned one few at a time, part by part. The first skill of painters consists in knowing how to make colors.

De Coloribus et Mixtionibus
To tell of me in few words is not simple.
My atelier renseble more to an alchemical laboratory. It would not surprise me to find some tails of toad or some bat wings!
I could define me a painter of insides and a 'serial reproducing' of pictorial effects.

My principal allied elements: the constant observation of the surrounding world, the use of ingredients and natural supports, an insatiable curiosity.

My atelier, Villa Cremisi.

An ancient home of twentieth century, renovated and decorated following my passion for art and color.
My atelier is the creative space where I paint panels, where I create wallpaper, where I decorate furniture and fabrics.
It is also the place where my interior projects are born and where I teach courses in decorative painting techniques

My work