Made by me

I believe that the real exclusive, the luxury object is not the object of a brand produced on an industrial scale, homologated and equal for everyone.
I believe instead in the exclusivity product produced by hand, piece by piece, by skilled craftsmen hands.
The object bearing a specific story, the object with its intrinsic value precisely for what it collects in its fibers, in its plots.


Brocante and vintage

'Places and dust. About the Beauty of Imperfection' by Roberto Peregalli identifies with my way of thinking ... I find that there is a particular magic in everything that has lived.

Maybe that's why I can not resist the charm of the brocante of any place ...

In this section you will find furniture purchased at junk dealers and rough furniture revisited by me.



Each sartorial element is born in the atelier and takes shape little by little, combining the painted parts, trimmings, buttons, belts and shoulder bags of different shapes and nature.

Purchase, recovery, I go in search of all these materials at the european brocante. Among my favorites are the old upholstery fabrics, the Vintage ties and the fabrics of the 50s dresses.